Ukrainian authorities are preparing to launch the export of biogas to Europe through gas pipelines.

The Ukrainian Parliament adopted a procedural draft law on customs clearance of biomethane. The document, adopted in the first reading, proposes the regulations for customs control and customs clearance of biomethane exported abroad by pipeline transport (gas pipelines). In the accompanying documents, it is noted that Ukrainian companies are already working on producing biomethane and transporting it through pipeline networks. More than 10 agricultural holdings are entering the biomethane market and plan to build more than 30 biomethane plants with a total production capacity of more than 220 million cubic meters per year. 77 biogas plants are already operating in Ukraine. They produce up to 260 million cubic meters of fuel annually, which can be processed into almost 150 million cubic meters of biomethane. By 2030, total biomethane production in Ukraine may reach one billion cubic meters per year.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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