Ukraine will receive Scimitar armored reconnaissance vehicles from Britain and 100 Zetros military trucks from Mercedes.

Great Britain will hand over Scimitar MK2 armored reconnaissance vehicles to Ukraine after their preparation by RBSL specialists. The transfer of the Scimitar MK2 will take place with British Army units currently stationed in Europe. The number of machines that Ukraine will receive is not specified. At the same time, the country’s newly elected Minister of Defense, Grant Shepps, confirmed that the Ukrainian military has lost the first British Challenger 2, and Britain will not send a new tank to replace the one lost. So, of the 14 tanks received, the Armed Forces now have 13. However, the German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks provided Ukraine with over 100 military Zetros heavy-duty trucks. The delivery includes several vehicles for military support and logistics tasks. Funds for the purchase were allocated as part of the German government’s initiative to support Ukraine.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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