Ukraine will file a lawsuit in response to unilateral export restrictions and ban imports from Poland, which might block Ukraine’s entry into the EU.

Kyiv will file a lawsuit with the World Trade Organization concerning the refusal of Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia to lift their bans on Ukrainian agricultural products, said trade representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka. In addition, Kyiv is preparing mirror measures against Polish fruits and vegetables. While Slovakia continues the previous EU ban, Poland has introduced additional restrictions on Ukrainian flour and feed. Hungary banned an additional 25 products. In response, Kyiv is ready to “take responsibility for ensuring that exports from Ukraine do not cause a tsunami in neighboring countries” and will introduce a system of grain export licenses to slow down exports and allow “quick response” to surges. Meanwhile, Polish Minister of Agriculture Robert Telus said that Polish agriculture will never be able to compete against the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex, so Poland will not let Ukraine join the EU until the grain export issue is resolved.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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