Ukraine will attract foreign investors to small privatization, and three Indian companies have already expressed interest.

The State Property Fund (SPFU) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will create a working group to take on several joint projects with international partners. The SPFU has agreed to integrate with the NAZOVNI service, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs created to promote Ukrainian goods and services abroad. In addition to Ukrainian goods, the platform will present assets ready to be acquired through privatization. The departments will promote assets such as the United Mining and Chemical Company, Hotel Ukraine, titanium industry enterprises, and other large companies that may be of interest to international businesses. According to the head of the SPFU, three Indian companies are interested in buying Ukrainian companies and developing their business in Ukraine. On February 15, the SPFU will auction the Chechelnytsky Distillery in the Vinnytsia Region with a starting bid of ₴2.7M.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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