Ukraine needs $15B for large-scale energy infrastructure modernization.

To increase the capacity and flexibility of the energy system, Ukraine needs about $15B in investment, of which $5.4B would be invested in wind power plants, $2.5B in solar power plants, $2.3B in thermal power plants, $1.2B in electric energy storage systems, $3.7B – hydraulic storage power plants. To that end, the US plans to allocate another $500M to strengthen the stability of the Ukrainian energy system. Also, Ukrenergo and American company General Electric agreed on the supply of reactive power regulation devices. The agreement provides for joint actions in the research and implementation of projects to install STATCOM devices, construct and modernize high-voltage substations, and strengthen energy security. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Energy and the American Tetra Tech agreed on cooperation in demining the energy infrastructure. The stability of the Ukrainian energy system will also be facilitated by expanding the capacity to import electricity from the EU: now Ukraine can import 1.2 GW of power compared to 500 MW a year ago.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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