Ukraine can resume the transit of Russian ammonia under certain conditions.

According to Reuters, to resume ammonia supply, expanding the grain agreement and increasing the number of ports participating in the initiative is necessary. The publication recalls that Russia seeks to restore ammonia supply through the pipeline from Russian Tolyatti to the Black Sea port Pivdenny near Odesa, designed to carry up to 2.5 million tons of ammonia per year. Before the war, the Russian Federation exported 4.4 million tons of ammonia annually, 20% of the world’s volume transported by sea. The Minister of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine, Mykola Solsky, said that Ukraine will double the export of agricultural products if the ports are opened in Mykolaiv. Moreover, it will make logistics cheaper, so Ukrainian farmers will receive more money. However, the minister noted that it is crucial to not only to open the port but also to increase the number of ships passing through the Bosphorus. Because if there aren’t enough ships, it doesn’t matter how many ports are open.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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