Trump latest news: Trump rages at CPAC empty seats mockery as he posts about Murdoch at 3am on Truth Social


Donald Trump vows to stay in 2024 race if he faces criminal charges

Donald Trump went on the defensive bright and early on Monday morning as he chafed over coverage of his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DC over the weekend.

The former president contended that “you couldn’t get into the building” as he insisted that seating for his speech was filled and that his supporters had flocked to CPAC to see him.

The former president is facing mockery over the “half full” crowd which showed up to hear him speak at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the weekend.

“You saw the scenes at CPAC, that room was half-full,” ex-Gov Chris Christie said on ABC’s “This Week.” “The reason I don’t think the rallies are going on… I don’t think the rallies would be nearly as big as they were before.”

The former president also used CPAC to cement his 2024 White House run vowing to stay in the presidential race even if he is indicted in any of the multiple criminal investigations bearing down on him.

A straw poll taken during the event found that Mr Trump was the overwhelming GOP favourite, beating Ron DeSantis who did not attend.


Five takeaways from CPAC and what it means for the 2024 race

The latest Conservative Political Action Conference outside of Washington DC proved that former President Donald Trump remains firmly in control of the Republican Party going into the 2024 election.

The latest CPAC gathering was the first in the nation’s capital since the Covid-19 pandemic began. The gathering has long been a cattle call for potential Republican presidential nominees and other rising stars in the party. And it sets the tone for what conservatives will likely focus on in the next election.

Eric Garcia breaks down what we can learn from this year’s Trumpfest:

John Bowden7 March 2023 04:31


Defensive Trump insists CPAC speech was packed after Chris Christie led mockery over empty seats

Donald Trump went on the defensive bright and early on Monday morning as he chafed over coverage of his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DC over the weekend.

The former president contended that “you couldn’t get into the building” as he insisted that seating for his speech was filled and that his supporters had flocked to CPAC to see him.

In reality, any delays getting in to the massive Gaylord hotel and convention centre were likely caused by the security screenings put in place by the US Secret Service — while the main ballroom notably filled up moreso than it had for smaller-name speakers like Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley, it was far from a “standing room only” event like the rallies Mr Trump became known for in 2016 and, to a lesser extent, in 2020.

Read more in The Independent for an exclusive on-the-ground look into CPAC 2023:

John Bowden7 March 2023 03:31


Brick suits, lawsuits, insults and pillows: The otherworldly atmosphere at CPAC

Where else on earth but the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) can you see a pillow salesman treated like royalty, with his own security detatchment? Or see Sebastian Gorka, former White House official, yelling at The Bulwark’s Tim Miller that he was “f***ing fake news” and should “go to hell”?

Take a trip to National Harbor, Md, and catch up on the rage that infects the right-wing media sphere following Donald Trump’s unsuccessful attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

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The otherworldly atmosphere at CPAC as Trump waits in the wings

The increasingly rightward-tilting conservative conference boasts a disjointed mix of suited lawmakers and Trump fans in fancy dress amid a circus vibe familiar to events featuring the former president. John Bowden reports from National Harbor, Maryland

John Bowden7 March 2023 02:31


Russell Brand rails against Rachel Maddow, MSNBC and Fox News ‘propaganda’ in viral rant

Actor Russell Brand ranted against MSNBC and claimed that the left-leaning network is an equal source of “propaganda” to Fox News, the conservative news network which now faces a massive defamation lawsuit over amplifying Donald Trump’s election lies in 2020.

The episode of Real Time with Bill Maher on which Mr Brand made his remarks aired on Saturday evening, after which the clip was spread widely around social media, largely by conservatives celebrating Brand’s comments.

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Michelle Obama reveals why she was ‘uncontrollably sobbing’ after Donald Trump’s inauguration

Michelle Obama has reflected on former US President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day and revealed why she was sobbing after it.

The former first lady discussed her and her husband’s, former President Barack Obama, time in the White House during the first and upcoming episode of Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast.

Learn more in The Independent:

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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Happy Purim’ message greeted with reminders of antisemitism scandals

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Happy Purim” message was greeted on Twitter Monday with reminders of her past statements which have drawn accusations of antisemitism.

The Jewish holiday commemorates Jews from Persia being saved from annihilation following a decree put in place by Haman, an Achaemenid Empire official. The story was outlined in the Book of Esther, the third book of the Jewish Tanakh – the Hebrew Bible.

Ms Greene is one of a handful of members of Congress who have met publicly with Nick Fuentes, one of America’s most infamous white nationalists. She has defended her presence at his past events by claiming she did not know who he was.

Read The Independent for more:

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Oversight committee Republicans won’t sign Democrats’ letter denouncing white supremacy

Democratic members on the House Oversight Committee asked their Republican colleagues to sign a two-sentence statement that plainly rejects white supremacy, white nationalism, and a far-right conspiracy theory that suggests politicians are intentionally seeking to displace white Americans by loosening immigration.

All 26 Republicans on the GOP-led committee have signalled that they will not sign the statement, which a committee spokesperson characterised in a statement to The Independent as a distraction.

Some Republican members of Congress (to varying degrees) have been accused of using rhetoric similar to that espoused by “Great Replacment” theory advocates in their own anti-immigration messages. The accusation has drawn strong backlash from some of those same Republicans, like House Republican caucus chair Elise Stefanik.

John Bowden6 March 2023 22:32


Ex-Trump campaign chairman agrees to pay $3.15m to settle case over failure to report foreign bank accounts

Former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has agreed to pay $3.15m to settle a lawsuit brought by the US Department of Justice.

The case stems from Mr Manafort’s failure to report the ownership of bank accounts in other countries in a timely fashion. It’s just the latest legal snafu Mr Manafort since he was pardoned by Donald Trump for crimes uncovered during the Mueller investigation.

The DOJ sued Mr Manafort last year in US District Court in Southern Florida for $2.9m, alleging that he did not report money he made from his consulting work in Ukraine in 2013 and 2014 that was deposited into bank accounts opened on his behalf in Cyprus, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and the United Kingdom.

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Ron DeSantis is engaging in ‘fascism’, says Florida Democrat

Democratic Representative Maxwell Frost criticised his home state Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, saying the potential Republican presidential candidate is engaging in “fascism”.

The freshman Democratic congressman, who is currently the youngest member of the House of Representatives, spoke on CNN with Jim Acosta about Mr DeSantis’s plan to ban the use of preferred pronouns and gender studies in the state of Florida.

“He isn’t acting on education, we have to be clear,” Mr Frost said. “He’s acting on scapegoating vulnerable communities due to his failures.”

John Bowden6 March 2023 21:00


Trump launches new 3am Truth Social rant at Rupert Murdoch

Former President Donald Trump was up late into the night — or perhaps very early in the morning — seething at FoxCorp founder Rupert Murdoch over the continued fallout from the massive lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems.

Testimony and evidence uncovered by the lawsuit and made public as a result has been astonishingly embarassing for Mr Trump, who continues to insist that the 2020 election was stolen from him even after failing to produce any hard evidence in his multiple legal fights to overturn state results and his own attorney admitting that his team didn’t have any to speak of.

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