The US has provided a $100M military aid package with HIMARS, while Germany surprises Kyiv with a big €1.3B package with IRIS-T systems.

The new package of US defense assistance includes an additional HIMARS system, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and TOW, Javelins, AT-4 anti-tank systems, and artillery shells of various calibers. In addition, the US provided more than three million rounds of ammunition, explosive munitions for clearing obstacles, equipment for cold weather, spare parts, and other equipment. Meanwhile, on behalf of an American-Ukrainian NGO, German company Donaustahl GmbH prints long-range Titan Falcon drones on a 3D printer and is supplying them to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Also, on November 21 German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius arrived in Kyiv on an unofficial visit. He announced a new €1.3B aid package, including four IRIS-T systems, 20,000 155 mm rounds, anti-tank mines, and more. Germany also plans to supply Ukraine with another 140,000 155-mm shells.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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