The US has already provided Ukraine with about $60B in aid to repel Russian aggression,

said Christopher Smith, deputy head of the US mission in Ukraine, at the Ukrainian American War Time Economy Forum. He clarified that the US has provided $36.9B in military aid and $22.9B in budget support in addition to critical humanitarian and infrastructure assistance. According to the Ukrainian American House, the participants of the Forum are convinced that a powerful economy will guarantee future victory. “The war between Ukraine and Russia is, first of all, a war of resources. Because behind the word “resources”, there are people, the opportunity to feed them, protect, heal, and recruit new ones. Behind the word “resources”, there is technical support, weapons, medicines, the opportunity to buy ammunition, projectiles, missiles. So, without the economy, it is impossible to win this war,” noted the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov. He added economic aid plays a key role on the path to victory.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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Scholz feels that Ukraine will not join NATO in the foreseeable future but will receive Western weapons after the war.

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