The SCM Group has increased its investment in Ukraine by a quarter over six months, to UAH 12.7B.

According to the company, the investments are designed to ensure Ukraine’s energy independence that is sufficient to provide for a stable winter heating period, restore and develop key enterprises from Ukraine’s metallurgical industry etc. In May, the first phase of one of the most powerful wind turbines in Eastern Europe – Tyligulska – began operation. Also, the company conducted geological exploration, construction, and drilling works on gas fields. Capital investments from the Metinvest group are aimed at furnace repairs in Zaporizhstal and Kametstal and equipment restoration at the Kryvyi Rih GZK. The main focus was continuing the development of the production infrastructure at Pokrovskuvigilla and introducing new pit mines. In the first half of the year, SCM enterprises paid UAH 29.3B in taxes and fees to budgets at all levels, including UAH 24.3B to the state budget.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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