The number of Ukrainian enterprises operating at full capacity has increased, but business optimism is not growing.

Ukrainian businesses’ optimism is relatively high, but in recent months it has stopped growing, according to the monthly study from the Institute of Economic Research. There is optimism in the business community in the three and six-month perspective, but there is some uncertainty regarding further attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure. So far, this factor has had a minor effect, and the growth of uncertainty in the short term is not yet significant. In terms of production, reported uncertainty went from 9% in September to 12% in October, and in sales the figure went from 9% to 11%. At the same time, 40.5% of respondents plan to increase production in the next three to four months, while 5.3% plan to reduce it. 75% of enterprises are currently operating at almost or full capacity, but the recovery index for business activity decreased for the second month in a row – from 35% to 31%. The share of enterprises reporting an increase in exports declined from 23.9% to 21.2%, 17.9% of respondents reported decreased exports, and 60.9% of businesses reported no change.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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