The NBU expands the list of reserve bonds and reported on income from the sale of securities.

Starting September 11, the National Bank will increase the list of benchmark bonds of the domestic state loan, through which banks can cover part of their required reserves, the regulator said in a statement. The domestic government bonds (OVDP) the Ministry of Finance first placed on August 29, 2023, will be added to the list. In total, there are already nine reserve bonds on the list. It is noted that the expansion of the list will contribute to the further increase of activity at auctions of the Ministry of Finance for the placement of domestic government bonds, which is essential for avoiding direct financing of the budget deficit by the NBU. From January 2023, banks have been allowed to count a particular list of benchmark OVDPs to cover up to 50% of the required reserves. Since 2023, the government has already raised more than UAH 360B from selling OVDP bonds and UAH 612B from the start of the war.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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