The government has presented the needs and priorities of economic recovery within the Ukraine Facility program.

As noted by the Ministry of Economy, the Ukraine Facility program will become the foundation for Ukraine’s recovery and European integration and ensure the state’s internal transformation, the implementation of economic reforms, and the development of priority sectors. At the same time, the planned €50B in funding, where €39B will be directed to support the state budget, will not be able to provide for the replacement of destroyed infrastructure, estimated at €400-500B. The Ministry of Economy negotiates with international partners, including countries G7 and international financial institutions, to enlist their support on the multi-donor platform. “The Ukraine Facility platform will attract additional partners and expand the program to ensure the needs for rapid reconstruction and further development of the economy,” said Deputy Minister Oleksiy Sobolev.  The donor coordination platform will serve as a center for planning, financing, and monitoring the implementation of projects for recovery and reconstruction, including the Ukraine Facility program.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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