The EC extended preferential import status for Ukraine, but the most profitable categories will be limited.

The updated rules for Ukrainian agricultural imports to the EU, which will be in effect until June 6, 2025, restrict the import of Ukrainian sugar, poultry meat, and eggs, some of the most profitable Ukrainian products, into Europe. However, even in this limited format, export conditions are still more favorable than when the full-scale invasion began. The quotas for the import of Ukrainian sugar, poultry meat, and eggs into the EU remained the same. However, it is most likely that their volume will not be nominal. EU Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski clarified that the average value for the last three years will be considered. So far, it considers the period from mid-2022 to mid-2023, when Ukraine’s sugar and poultry meat exports increased significantly. As for other agricultural categories, primarily grain and oil crops, they will fall under two protective mechanisms. One is for normal market conditions, and the other is for the event of extreme market fluctuations.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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