The Central Bank of Ukraine has presented a new strategy through 2025.

The NBU has developed a new institutional strategy, Financial Fortress of Ukraine, which considers the influencing factors of the Russian invasion on the functioning of the financial system and is focused on maintaining financial stability and the restoration of the country. It is noted that the new strategy will enable the Central Bank, considering external factors, “to expand the zone of certainty and to form in advance alternative action plans for further developments. The implementation of the strategy will be carried out according to five goals: a stable hryvnia, financial stability, the financial system’s work to restore the country, modern financial services, and an efficient central bank.” The first four goals are aimed outwardly at meeting the needs of the participants of the financial ecosystem, and the fifth goal, an Effective Central Bank is designed to improve the implementation of the mission and vision of the NBU through internal transformation.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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