Slovakia wants to help rebuild Ukraine but is blocking imports and cutting military support.

The government of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico sees the future reconstruction of Ukraine as a benefit for the leading players in the Slovakian business community. In a new government program, Slovakia considers Ukraine a business opportunity for developing the state and its eastern regions. The country’s government is preparing a plan of specific initiatives to involve its companies in the reconstruction of Ukraine thanks to EU financing. Meanwhile, 300 freight vehicles were stuck in Slovakia because local truckers blocked movement through the Vyshnye Nemetske checkpoint. In a previous statement, the protesters demanded the return of licenses to Ukrainian carriers. At the same time, Fico received a vote of confidence from the country’s parliament and gained support for a political program that would cut Ukraine’s military aid. In addition, Slovakia is ready to extend the ban on the importation of Ukrainian agricultural products if the EC does not find an appropriate way to deal with the surplus of Ukrainian grain in Europe.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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