Russian missile crosses into NATO member Poland, killing two people


Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people, a senior US intelligence official said on Tuesday in what could mark a serious escalation.

The weapon hit a farm in Przewodów, Lublin, near the border with Ukraine, according to Polish media reports.

Pictures from the scene showed a huge crater in the ground.

Latvia’s defence minister Artis Pabriks tweeted condolences “to our Polish brothers in arms.”

“Criminal Russian regime fired missiles which target not only Ukrainian civilians but also landed on NATO territory in Poland,” he wrote.

“Latvia fully stands with Polish friends and condemns this crime.”

It came as Moscow fired some 100 missiles on Ukraine, causing widespread power outages across the country, leaving the capital Kyiv without electricity and leaving at least one person dead.

The missiles hit several other cities including Lviv and Zhytomyr in the west, Kryvy Rih in the south and Kharkiv in the east. Several residential areas were reportedly hit. There were also claims the missiles had caused power cuts in neighbouring Moldova.

A Ukrainian air force spokesman said Russia fired around 100 missiles, while President Volodymyr Zelensky put the number at 85 but warned more could follow.

He said: “I know that the strikes turned off energy in many places… We are working, we will restore everything, we will survive.”

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Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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Russian missile crosses into NATO member Poland, killing two people

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