Russia Ukraine war live: Kyiv captures ‘25 Russian soldiers’ in past week

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy fires top general

Ukrainian troops have captured up to 25 Russian soldiers in the past week as the Kremlin builds a 19-mile metal defensive line behind occupied territory.

General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi said around half of the troops were captured on Sunday, with the majority taken in the Zaporizhzhia region.

It comes as Ukrainian open-source intelligence tracker claimed that Russia was building a 19-mile mega metal defensive line behind the frontline in occupied territory.

Blogger DeepState said the defensive line is made up of around 2,100 train carriages and has been slowly built up since July 2023. It has been nicknamed the “tsarist train”.

“It can be considered a separate line of defence,” DeepState wrote. “It is extremely difficult to damage, move or blow a 30-kilometre mass of metal.”

Meanwhile, Ukraine will produce thousands of long-range drones capable of deep strikes hitting Moscow and St Petersburg, Kyiv’s digital minister has said.

Mykhailo Fedorov, who has championed Ukraine’s wartime drone industry, said they already have up to 10 companies making drones that can reach hundreds of miles into Russian territory.


HMS Prince of Wales finally sets sail for historic Nato drills after week of setbacks for UK warships

Alexander Butler13 February 2024 06:00


Russia uses Zircon hypersonic missile in Ukraine for first time, researchers say

A preliminary analysis concluded that Russia hit Kyiv last week with the hypersonic Zircon missile, its first use in the nearly two-year-old war, the head of a Kyiv research institute said on Monday, presenting a new challenge to Ukraine’s air defences.

Oleksandr Ruvin, director of the Kyiv Scientific-Research Institute for Forensic Examinations, said on his Telegram channel that his institute completed a preliminary analysis of missile fragments from a Russian attack on Feb. 7.

He included a video of alleged missile wreckage showing specific markings. “In this case, we see elements that are characteristic of the 3M22 Zircon missile. Parts and fragments of the engine and steering mechanisms have specific markings,” he wrote.

Alexander Butler13 February 2024 04:00


EU takes first step to use Russia’s frozen assets for Ukraine

The EU adopted a law to set aside windfall profits made on frozen Russian central bank assets, it said on Monday, in a first concrete step towards the bloc’s aim of using the money to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The EU and the Group of Seven nations (G7) froze some 300 billion euros ($323 billion) of Russian central bank assets following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. The EU and G7 have been debating if and how these funds can be used for over a year.

The United States has floated the idea of confiscating the assets outright but EU officials view this as legally too risky.

Two thirds of these funds are in the EU with the majority of that held by Belgium’s clearing house Euroclear. So far, only taxes on the assets in Belgium have been earmarked to a dedicated fund for Ukraine handled by the Belgian government.

The law passed on Monday means central securities depositaries (CSDs), such as Euroclear, will be prohibited from using net profits and must keep revenues from the Russian assets separate.

Alexander Butler13 February 2024 03:00


Zelensky planning western European tour to lobby for aid

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky is planning a tour of Western European capitals to lobby for aid for Ukraine around this week, according to reports.

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Trump’s ‘outrageous’ Nato comments make allies ‘wonder whether they can rely on America’, warns Romney

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The world takes Trump’s Nato comments literally, while Maga takes them seriously

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German, Danish leaders launch construction of new ammunition plant

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Ukraine aims to build an army of one million drones as Moscow becomes the target

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Russia launches 45 drones in mass barrage of Ukraine as Kyiv continues war cabinet reshuffle

Alexander Butler12 February 2024 21:00


European powers warn of spike in Russian propaganda before EU elections

France, Poland and Germany accused Russia on Monday of putting together an elaborate network of websites to spread pro-Russian propaganda to undermine their governments, warning of a mass spread of such content ahead of EU elections in June.

Western nations have repeatedly accused Russian operatives of using social media and the internet to spread false or misleading information to undermine them, promote Russia or attempt to sway public opinion in their countries against backing Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s invasion.

“We are in a period of vulnerability with the European elections and, regarding France, the Olympics,” French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne told a joint news conference with his Polish and German counterparts at a French chateau near Paris.

Alexander Butler12 February 2024 20:00

Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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The world takes Trump’s Nato comments literally, while Maga takes them seriously

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