Russia destroyed 300 tons of humanitarian goods in Lviv and hit a trolleybus in Kherson.

A kamikaze drone attack on the night of September 19 in Lviv left two people injured, and one dead. As a result of the attack, three industrial warehouses were destroyed, and 10,000 square meters of storage space were burned to the ground. According to the UN, a warehouse containing about 300 tons of humanitarian goods were destroyed in the fire. The occupiers launched 30 attack UAVs and one ballistic missile. Ukraine air defenses destroyed 27 drones. Also, in an attack on Lviv, a workshop and warehouse owned by the Fakro window company from Poland burned down. Previously, Fakro estimated its losses at 30 million zlotys, or more than UAH 240M. In addition, the Russian occupiers shelled Kherson and hit a trolleybus with an artillery shell. As a result of the impact, one person was injured, and two died, including a policeman. Moreover, the aggressor’s rocket attack hit Kryvyi Rih and damaged 20 apartment buildings, a school, and a kindergarten.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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Reconstruction of Ukraine will take place according to EU standards.

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