Reconstruction of Ukraine will take place according to EU standards.

This includes, in particular, that construction materials produced by Ukrainian manufacturers must comply with EU standards and characteristics, said Olena Shulyak, head of the parliamentary committee on urban planning. She explained that parliamentarians have already passed several laws on improving the construction sector. In particular, the European integration law concerns the minimum energy efficiency requirements for buildings and structures. “We have no other way. We must not just use European rules, but the European integration course that we have been following for a long period,” Shulyak emphasized. She noted that Ukraine should study the issue of processing construction waste because there are currently two million tons of construction waste in the Buchan district of the Kyiv region (according to preliminary estimates, only in the residential sector).


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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The EBRD plans to invest about €1.5B a year in Ukraine over the next two years.

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