Poland considers Ukraine’s accession to the EU a challenge.

Ukraine’s accession to the European Union will challenge European agriculture, including Polish agriculture, Polish Minister of Agriculture Robert Telus said. “These are challenges for EU agriculture. But first, for us – I mean Poland and the border countries. We need to talk about this now. We need to find a solution so that it does not harm European agriculture, and so that Ukraine’s accession to the EU does not harm our farmers,” he said. Telus said that he held meetings with the ministers of agriculture of the Visegrad Four countries and the coalition of the five neighboring countries of Ukraine. “We talked about the grain that passes through our countries. This grain cannot stay in our countries,” he said. He also expressed the hope that the EU will draw conclusions from this and create a system at its level that will ensure that Ukrainian goods get to where they were going before the war.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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