Orlando Bloom opens up about ‘sometimes challenging’ relationship with Katy Perry


Orlando Bloom has admitted that he and partner Katy Perry are in “two very different pools” in terms of their creativity as a couple.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star, 46, has been with the “California Girls” singer, 38, since 2016. They got engaged in 2019, but have yet to marry.

Speaking to Flaunt magazine for its latest issue, Bloom said that the couple sometimes “battle” with their “emotions and creativity” and at times, their relationship can be “really, really challenging”.

He said: “Her pool is not a pool that I necessarily understand, and I think my pool is not a pool that she necessarily understands.

“Sometimes things are really, really, really challenging. I won’t lie. We definitely battle with our emotions and creativity, [but] I think we’re both aware of how blessed we are to have uniquely connected in the way that we did at the time that we did, and there’s definitely never a dull moment.”

Bloom and Perry share their two-year-old daughter Daisy Dove Bloom together. Perry was pregnant during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in the US and the couple quarantined in a two-bedroom house.

The Carnival Row star also reflected on how becoming a father gave him a “perspective you can’t unsee” when he saw mothers fleeing Ukraine after Russia waged war against the country.

Bloom, who has been a Unicef representative for years, travelled to the Ukrainian border and saw women with children close to his own daughter’s age trying to get out of the warzone.

“It’s a perspective you can’t unsee,” he said. “You just go, ‘Wait, what? What are they going to do?’ You can’t fathom. It creates an imprint in your soul and your heart that you hold onto, and then you navigate the moment that’s right in front of you.

“It forces you to take a 50,000-feet view, look at it all and go, ‘What more can we do there?’”

Last year, the actor spent time in Moldova meeting and supporting refugees from Ukraine who were fleeing the war.

On his Instagram account, he posted a photograph of himself meeting a mother of three who evacuated herself and her children. Bloom wrote in the caption: “Today, on the border, I met a mother and her three children who fled Ukraine last night after their neighbour’s house was bombed.

“They don’t know where they will go next, but Mum just wants her children to be safe. Today is one month since the war started and thousands of families still cross the border to Moldova every day. The services set up by UNICEF and partners on the borders are vital for children and families seeking protection.”

Bloom is also father to his six-year-old son Flynn, who he shares with ex-wife Miranda Kerr. The pair were married from 2010 to 2013.

Perry has also been married before, to comedian Russell Brand from 2010 to 2012.

Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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