New weapons and a coalition result from the 15th Ramstein.

Germany will provide Ukraine with a new €400M military aid package. It will include high explosive ammunition, mortar rounds, rockets, armored vehicles, and demining systems. However, the provision of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine was not discussed during the conference. Denmark announced the transfer of 45 tanks. These are 30 Leopard 1 tanks and 15 modernized Soviet-made T-72EA tanks. US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin said American M1 Abrams tanks will soon arrive in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Norwegian government plans to transfer about 50 NM199 tracked trucks to Ukraine. In addition, Estonia, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Poland will lead a coalition to provide Leopard tanks, F-16 pilot training, and information technology transfer. The Czech Republic agreed with Denmark and the Netherlands to supply military aid with their financial support. The first project will transfer 15 modernized T-72EA tanks to Ukraine. According to Austin, direct defense assistance from Ukraine’s international partners is already worth more than $76B.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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