KMU : Recommendations of the Ministry of Social Policy how to avoid the threat of falling into modern slavery during the war

During the war, when evacuating and crossing the border, you may be at risk of falling into modern slavery.

Anyone can be affected by exploitation, but traffickers mostly hunt those who come from another country, do not know the language, or have left their previous place of residence due to the crisis. They can lure you into a dangerous situation, such as forced labor or sexual exploitation through deception, threats, or violence. This is an illegal violation of your rights.

The Ministry of social policy, in cooperation with the public organization “A21 Ukraine” and other partners, has developed a “memo” for those fleeing military operations to prevent them from getting into situations of human trafficking.

The memo contains tips for crossing the border, hotline numbers in different countries, links to the “stay safe” chatbot and help chats for Ukrainians in different countries.



Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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