Italian businesses have invested in the construction of a dry port in Transcarpathia to export agricultural products to the EU.

The Horonda Platform, a multimodal logistics hub for the export of grain and financed by Italian investors, will be constructed in the village of Horonda in the Mukachevo district. According to Viktor Mykyta, the Head of OVA, the logistics hub will contribute to the development of the region’s export potential specifically, and Ukraine in general. It will allow local agricultural producers to expand their foreign markets. The project envisages the creation of transshipment capabilities for farm products from a wide track to a narrow one, storage facilities, and the provision of centralized containers for grain, sunflower oil, etc. Representatives from Italian companies that are participating in the project emphasized that they are interested in strengthening communication with the Ukrainian contingent, and the launch and operation of the hub is promising for each of the parties.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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