GLSDBs from the US, 100 Soviet tanks, and Skynex from Germany: defensive support from Ukraine’s partners is gaining momentum.

The Pentagon will transfer American high-precision ground-launched small-diameter bombs (GLSDB) to Ukraine, but the terms are not specified. The GLSDB will allow the Ukrainian military to hit targets at twice the distance as HIMARS missiles. The GLSDB transfer is an alternative to ATACMS missiles, which the US has provided in small numbers. The Kuwaiti authorities are considering sending more than 100 M-84AB tanks (a modification of the Soviet T-72M) to Croatia for repair and modernization with subsequent transfer to Ukraine. In addition, Ukraine received a battery of Skynex air defense systems worth $174M, financed by the German government. At the same time, Japan could not implement a plan developed in conjunction with Britain to supply shells to Ukraine. The country was supposed to produce 155 mm shells under a license from the British company BAE Systems and then send them to Britain. However, the UK plans to compensate Ukraine for the supply of shells.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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