Germany may join the missile alliance and provide Ukraine with its Storm Shadow analogs.

As the German media outlet RND writes, Fabian Hoffmann, a missile expert from the University of Oslo, confirmed Ukraine’s “relatively significant success” with the British Storm Shadow missiles. At the same time, he emphasized that “Ukraine needs a large missile alliance to gain an advantage on the battlefield.” For his part, a representative from the German CDU and retired colonel Roderich Kiesewetter considers the provision of long-range missiles a new strategy for supporting Ukraine. “Partners should go all-in and provide Ukraine with everything it can use in combat, which is permissible under international law. German Taurus cruise missiles with a range of up to 400-500 km would be helpful for Ukraine. In addition, we should provide Kyiv with everything that NATO uses itself. The Taurus is the German equivalent of the British Storm Shadow. Currently, the Bundeswehr has about 150 operational Taurus. In addition, France and Italy can provide Storm Shadows for the Ukrainian missile alliance.”


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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