Freezing the war in Ukraine threatens the Russian Federation’s ability to attack NATO in 6-10 years.

Experts from a German foreign policy association expressed this opinion and added that Russia’s military potential is underestimated. The invaders have suffered the greatest losses in manpower and equipment, but Russia has a developed industrial base, which will allow the country to restore their military quickly. Then, the Kremlin could attack NATO countries, starting with the Baltic states. “Although Moscow could not achieve all its military goals, the war turned into the largest in Europe in 75 years. Moscow has also repeatedly threatened individual NATO states and the Alliance with the use of nuclear weapons,” analysts note. Instead, the Alliance should start preparing for war now. According to analysts, there are five to nine years left for this. Then, it will be difficult to prevent a war. In the event of a freeze of the war in Ukraine, Moscow will need a maximum of 10 years to rebuild its army. During this period, Germany, together with the Alliance, must enable its Armed Forces to fight against Russia.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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