Fossil fuel remains the leader in Ukrainian energy consumption.

Gas remains the leader in Ukrainian energy consumption, with 30% of the balance of consumption of Ukrainian energy enterprises. In second place is nuclear energy, which produces 24% of the country’s energy needs. According to experts’ estimates, coal remains in third place, supplying 22% of Ukraine’s energy needs. A little less oil and petroleum products are consumed for producing heat and electricity – 17%. Hydroelectric power plants, which produce no more than 4% of the total energy produced on Ukrainian-controlled  territory, and renewable energy sources account to 3%, remaining exotic energy sources. Nuclear energy in Ukraine remains the largest in terms of its share in electricity production. According to the results of the first month of 2024, Ukrainian nuclear power plants generated one billion kWh more than in the same period last year, 5.882 billion kWh.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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