Foreigners can open a business and pay taxes in Ukraine online.

As the Ministry of Digitization reported, the government adopted a resolution that defines the mechanism for a foreigner to obtain e-resident status online. The tool for paying taxes and reporting for e-residents is also convenient: this will be done by the Ukrainian bank in which the e-resident has a current account because the bank will act as a tax agent for foreign entrepreneurs. “The doors will be open for additional foreign investment and provide a mechanism for doing business in Ukraine without bureaucratic barriers,” the Ministry of Statistics said. The adopted resolution regulates the means of acquiring and canceling the e-resident status, the procedure for forming and maintaining the E-resident system together with the Tax Service and banks, and the protection of electronic residents’ personal data. However, e-residents cannot provide services to Ukrainian citizens – they can only work with other foreigners.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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