Five waste recycling clusters are planned to be opened in the west of Ukraine.  

Experts from the international technical assistance project, APENA3, presented the project as part of the Transcarpathian regional waste management plan. Deputy Minister of Ecology Viktoriya Kireeva said it will allow the region to become a leader in implementing changes and attract investment to construct the necessary infrastructure for waste treatment. “This is extremely relevant in the period of reconstruction of the country,” she emphasized. The new project will create five clusters for six districts of the region: Uzhgorod, Mukachiv, Khust, Tyachiv-Rakhiv, and Berehiv. In the latter, a new sorting plant is already under construction. Each of the clusters will contain both sorting and processing enterprises. The investment cost for each cluster development model ranges from UAH 4-5B. The reform’s key goal is to reduce the percentage of waste disposal and increase the volume of waste treatment in Ukraine. The regional project must pass the strategic environmental assessment and be approved following legislation.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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