Due to reduced international aid, Ukraine’s international reserves decreased by 3.2% in August.

As of September 1, the aid volume was about $40.4B, dropping by $1.4B in August, the National Bank reported on Wednesday. The reason for the decrease was the NBU’s FX sales to cover the difference between supply and demand on the FX market, which were partially offset by revenues from international partners. In August, the NBU sold almost $2.5B on the foreign exchange market, while it bought back only $4.5M. At the same time, $1.66B was received from the government’s FX accounts with the NBU, including $1.63B of macro-financial assistance from the EU and $21.9M from the placement of domestic state loan currency bonds. In addition, the government paid $306.5M for the servicing and repayment of the state debt in foreign currency, of which $169.1M was owed to the World Bank, $63.7M was for the servicing and repayment of foreign currency bonds, and the rest was owed to other international creditors. Ukraine also paid $379.6M to the IMF.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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