Danish companies already have investment plans for Ukraine despite the war.

Denmark’s Ambassador to Ukraine, Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, said: “Denmark is already moving from grants to investments. We understand the risk but cannot wait until the war ends. Foreign investment in Ukraine is an essential component of reconstruction, and Denmark is making serious efforts to promote business in Ukraine.” In particular, the Danish Support Fund for Ukraine launched this year and can issue loans and investment guarantees to some Danish and Ukrainian businesses. “Regarding many specific projects, the details cannot be disclosed for security reasons. But I can tell you that the contracts have been signed,” the ambassador added. He clarified that many Danish corporations were already operating in Ukraine and managed to maintain and expand their activities during the war. For example, this year, DTEK launched a new wind power plant, Tiligulska, in the Mykolaiv region with Danish wind turbines, and Carlsberg invested €40M, increasing production by 80%.


Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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