Boebert, Greene and Cawthorn among Republicans voting against supporting Moldova’s democracy amid Russia threat


Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn were among a handful of Republicans to vote against a bill supporting the small European nation of Moldova amid fears it could be dragged into the war in Ukraine.

The House voted to pass a motion by 409 to 17 expressing support for “Moldova’s democracy, independence, and territorial integrity” and to strengthen relations with the United States on Tuesday evening.

The show of bipartisan support came as Moldova’s pro-Russian breakaway region of Transnistria said on Wednesday that it had come under fire from Ukraine.

The trio of far-right lawmakers have criticised US support for Ukraine, and last month were among 17 House members to vote against providing aid to Ukraine and banning oil imports from Russia.

In March, a leaked clip showed the scandal-plagued Mr Cawthorn calling Volodymyr Zelensky a “thug” and the Ukraine government “incredibly evil”.

The clip was widely aired in Russian state media as part of its propaganda war, and despite a GOP backlash Ms Greene offered her support to the North Carolina Congressman.

When Mr Zelensky addressed the House in an impassioned speech on 16 March, Ms Greene was seen checking her mobile phone while lawmakers gave a standing ovation.

Mr Cawthorn missed most of Mr Zelensky’s speech, according to the New York Times.

Ms Greene was accused of “echoing all of Trump’s complicity with Vladimir Putin” by Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin as he was heckled during a speech in the House earlier this month.

“I accept the heckling … because if she wants to stand with Vladimir Putin … she is free to do so,” Mr Raskin said.

Fears that the war could spread beyond Ukraine’s borders were heightened this week when Moldova raised its terrorist threat level on Tuesday and the Kremlin voiced concerns as two blasts damaged Soviet-era radio masts in Transnistria.

Madison Cawthorn has been plagued by scandals in recent months

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Moldova’s president Maia Sandu said on Tuesday that the series of attacks were an attempt by factions within the territory to increase tensions.

Meanwhile, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said the danger of a third world war was “serious and real”, and that Moscow views weapons provided to Ukraine by the alliance as legitimate targets.

Russia has had troops based in Transnistria since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Kyiv fears the region could be used as a launchpad for new attacks on Ukraine, while there are concerns of the situation leading to a wider conflict across Europe.

Ukraine War 24

Ukraine War 24

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